Horizontal Directional Drilling and Guided Auger Boring


Horizontal Directional Drilling

  • Full Turnkey Packages
  • Pipe Welding and Testing Services
  • Rock Drilling both Mud Motor and Pneumatic systems available
  • Diameters up to 710mm
  • Single Drill Lengths in access of 650m
  • Wire-Line Guidance Systems, giving better accuracy for deep twinned or complex crossings

Trenching and Mole Ploughing

  • Trench width 700mm
  • Trench depth up to 2.5m
  • Trench lengths in excess of 20km
  • Multiple duct installations

Guided Auger Boring

  • Diameters up to 30″
  • Lengths up to 70m (subject to diameter and ground conditions)
  • Sacrificial sleeve supply and installation
  • Shaft/Chamber excavation and associated civil works.

JMH Directional Drilling is a specialist company with over twenty years’ experience of providing horizontal directional drilling and trenchless solutions for the installation and repair of all types of pipes and cables. Where appropriate, we can offer alternative methodologies, such as specialist wireline guidance steering; rock drilling; guided auger boring; trenching and mole ploughing. The company operates throughout the UK.

JMH Directional Drilling benefits from having a team of knowledgeable, qualified managers and a highly trained workforce, backed up by a modern fleet of directional drilling rigs and full complement of supporting equipment.

This enables us to undertake contracts of any size, and provide clients with a professional, cost-effective and timely service, no matter the scale of the project.

Putting the needs of our clients first is an essential element of the way we do business and the wide range of skills, knowledge and technology at our disposal means we can adapt to any situation. Contact us to find out how we can help you.

Horizontal Directional Drilling

Horizontal directional drilling is an ideal solution to the problems faced when cables have to be laid or repaired, whether in urban or rural areas. Instead of digging trenches, the equipment operates underground while being controlled from the surface. It’s efficient in terms of both time and cost.

With horizontal directional drilling, obstacles are no problem – the equipment can be guided over, under or around them, meaning existing cables and utilities are not disrupted or damaged while work is completed.

An added advantage with this approach is that the site area – and the resulting disruption to roads and other forms of access – is greatly reduced.

The reduction in disruption isn’t just a benefit around town; it’s ideal when work has to be carried out in environmentally sensitive areas.

Navigate to How does Horizontal Directional Drilling work and A Guide to Horizontal Drilling for further information.

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Trenching and Mole Ploughing

Trenching and Mole Ploughing is an efficient, environmentally friendly and effective way of installing pipes and cables below ground with minimum trench excavation.

At JMH Directional Drilling, we have a great deal of experience of using both techniques.

Trenching is the method of choice when the services to be installed require a wider channel. It’s ideal for amenities including sanitation, telecommunications infrastructure, drainage and electricity.

We utilise state-of-the-art machinery that can cut through any type of ground swiftly and efficiently, to a depth of 2.2m and at widths up to 500mm. This approach ensures you get a first-class result delivered in a fraction of the time.

Mole ploughing is not strictly a trenchless technology, but creates a narrow temporary trench for installing small diameter mains and services. Mole ploughs are also known as pipe and cable laying ploughs – they’re ideal for the installation or repair of services including fibre telecoms, water and gas, and perfect if you don’t need trench access.

The innovative machines we use allow us to operate at a depth of up to 1.2 metres and a diameter of up to 125mm, without affecting the surrounding environment. They even replace any surface soil displaced in the process. If it wasn’t for the fact that services are installed and/or repaired, you wouldn’t know work had been carried out in the area.

Before any work begins, our experienced team carries out a pre-planning exercise aimed at ensuring there are no nasty surprises ahead. It means that if there are any subterranean obstacles that need to be avoided, we know in advance and can plan to circumvent them. The process is seamless: efficient, economical and environmentally friendly.

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Guided Auger Boring

Guided Augur Boring is a precision approach to subterranean installations. Rather than cutting a trench, the machinery can be operated from a shaft or pit, meaning it leaves very little footprint. Disruption on-site is kept to a minimum.

Precision is achieved due to the machinery being guided by laser. It’s a method that is quick, safe and versatile.

Additional benefits include that surface obstacles aren’t a hindrance and other existing utilities aren’t affected. In a busy, urban setting, guided augur boring has to be the preferred option. It’s faster, less expensive and presents fewer hazards than conventional subterranean excavation methods.

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