The Leading Experts in Horizontal Directional Drilling

At JMH we keep up to date with the latest innovations so we can then pass on the advantages to our clients. One of these techniques that have improved the way pipelines can be installed or repaired is Horizontal Directional Drilling.Horizontal Directional Drilling can be performed from the surface, which is a huge bonus to all. No need for excavation, which in turn means no turmoil for transport links, no interference of business operations, no messy and oversized work sites.Horizontal Directional Drilling uses the latest in trenchless knowledge and allows for a

smooth operation without causing havoc to your customers.

Avoiding obstacles
Surface and below ground obstacles used to be a thorn in the side to pipleline installation, and could prove to be expensive in terms of funds and time, with Horizontal Directional Drilling however, these are of no concern. Pipes can be installed straight or curved so existing utilities and cables can be avoided underground, as we can install the pipes from the surface, we can easily avoid impediments such as lampposts, tress and road signals.
Minimal disruption for the general public
Horizontal Directional Drilling really is the optimum choice when the site is hampered or there are vital transport links on site. We can promise that the level of incovenience the general public and our clients will have to endure will be minimal. The technique is environmentally-friendly, causes considerably less disruption and is far more time efficient than other methods. This is at the forefront of the industry and JMH offer this excellent service to our clients as we continue to strive for perfection.
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