The Leading Experts in Trenching And Mole Ploughing

JMH Directional Drilling offer trenchless services for the installation of pipelines and cables below the ground with minimal trench excavation. Industries such as telecoms, water, gas and the rail sector have all benefitted from less upheaval to the environment and faster installation. JMH Directional Drilling offer a wealth of engineering services, and our range of mole ploughing and trenching experience and equipment means our customers will feel the benefit of this cutting edge technology. Our mole ploughing technique can be the most efficient, economic and environmentally

friendly way of installing below-ground pipes and cables for specific applications.

Mole Ploughing allows pipe or cable to be installed in a wide range of locations, but without the disruption and upheaval of more conventional methods. Working to depths of up to 1.2m and diameters of up to 125mm, the surrounding environment is not affected as the small amounts of displaced soil is put back in place by the innovative machines we use.
All manner of obstacles can occur when performing subterranean work, but thanks to our experienced workforce and extensive pre-planning, we can promise a rapid and orderly installation. Whether you require cables or water supplies, telecoms or gas, our service ensures a seamless transition from start to finish.
JMH Directional Drilling also have extensive know-how in Trenching, This proficient service is used to excavate wider trenches for many different amenities such as sanitation, telecommunication infrastructure, drainage and electricity. Our excellent Trenching machinery runs to a depth of 2.2m and can operate at widths up to 500mm. Our extensive experience in the field also means you will have a premium service in a fraction of the time.
JMH Directional Drilling prides itself on putting the needs of our customers first, and the optimum way to do so is by utilising the most modern of machinery allied with our experienced and friendly employees.
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