Directional Drillings Rigs
JMH Directional Drilling offer a wide range of Directional Drilling rigs ranging from 3 tonnes of pulling force to 50 tonnes, with the latest guidance and tracking systems available on the market.
Rock Drilling Equipment
JMH can offer two different options of rock drilling services from its own in-house equipment ranging from mud motors and wireline guidance to the Pneumatic Rock Air Hammer.
Recycled Unit
JMH can off 2 different types of Recycling units. The small compact R300 will recycle up to 300 litres per minute and the trailer mounted R1000 up to 1000 litres per minute. JMH can also offer a shale shaker that helps to reduce cleaning times on the recycling units.
Plant & Equipment
JMH Directional Drilling have an extensive fleet of plant and equipment to help support and deliver any project, keeping everything in house and the cost down.