The Leading Experts in Guided Auger Boring

JMH Directional Drilling offer many trenchless methods, and with the range of technology, materials and experience at our disposal, it means we can adapt to any locale or demand. One of these techniques that enables us to interact with your pipework with very little excavation is Guided Augur Boring.Pipelines are rarely the same shape, diameter and material. This may raise problems when replacing or rehabilitating the channel in question, but with Guided Augur Boring, the varying nature of pipes can be simply dealt with. The machinery required to conduct this service leaves very little footprint,which means in more urban

settings – Guided Augur Boring really is the preferred choice. It also gives our clients peace of mind, as none of your utilities will be hindered with obtrusive digging and large site requirements.

Guided Augur Boring offers supreme accuracy and requires very little room for operation. The procedure is guided by laser and leaves little room for error, and the whole process is far quicker – and less costly – than conventional subterranean work. Guided Augur Boring is just one of our many trenchless methods, but it carries the same benefits as all of our specialist services. The time it takes to implement is shorter, the health and safety advantages are many, and your pipe infrastructure will be better than ever.
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